PPMS recognises that environmental issues are of fundamental importance in a successful and responsible business strategy.  To this end we take all reasonably practicable steps to prevent, minimise or render harmless the effect of our operations, activities and products on the environment.  PPMS can offer a wide range of professional high quality services that accompany pest control to assist in promoting a safe and healthy environment.

Non-Toxic Pest Control

PPMS can offer a toxic free treatment programme for rodents that involves instant control of rodent pest species without the use of toxic bait. Other non-toxic preparations are utilised for the control of insect pests.

Deep Cleaning Services

PPMS can confidently deliver to you a cleaning and sanitation package whether it be one off works or regular maintenance. We have a 24/7 call line for emergency situations with dedicated professional staff ready to provide instant assistance.

Refuse Area Cleaning – Refuse Removal

Bin stores/refuse areas can be a haven for pests with food debris and general waste offering not only a food source but also a potential harbourage site. PPMS can provide intensive cleans and clearances of bin stores/refuse areas as a one off job or on a regular maintenance agreement to ensure control of pests is achieved long term.


Communal Area Cleaning

PPMS offer cleaning services to maintain communal areas both internal and external shared spaces of multiple occupancy buildings. One off job or regular maintenance programmes can be designed specifically for the client’s needs.


Specialised Sanitation Services

PPMS can offer a wide range of sanitation services to ensure the destruction of harmful bacteria/bacterial spores that can be present within areas that humans utilise on a regular basis. We have a dedicated department that can deal with all enquiries and offer the most cost effective treatment programmes to suit every situation.

Garden Maintenance • Garden Clearances • Specialist Weed Control

Overgrown garden areas and collections of accumulated debris can provide ideal harbourage sites for pest species. PPMS can provide intensive clearances of overgrown areas and debris removal to facilitate effective pest control. Long term maintenance programmes for areas can also be specifically designed as per the clients requirements.

PPMS Field Biologists Inspections and Audits

The Health and Safety at Work Act ensures that the working environment does not contain any hazards that may affect the health of employees. In the food sector the Food Safety Act (1990) goes further to cover any vehicles used to carry food, as well as the production process of the food itself. Due diligence requires that premises are kept as pest-free as is practicable, this is where an in-depth audit by a fully qualified RSPH (Royal Society for the Protection of Health) Field Biologist can be of assistance.

PPMS have professional Field Biologists that can provide such audits and inspections to ensure that your organisation is complying with legislation as regards pest activity and hygiene standards.