Rats – rattus norveqicus

Mice – mus domesticus

Rats and mice can happily live alongside humans in the home or workplace.  They can transmit diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonella and rat bite fever and also pass on parasites such as ringworm, mites, tapeworm, ticks and fleas.  Due to this their presence may be classed as public health risk.

Gnawing is also a problem with rodents; as their incisors continually grow they need to frequently wear them down.  This can be one of the reasons they are evidenced gnawing on pipework, cabling and other materials.  Gnawing is also undertaken by rodents to access a water or food source within homes and premises.

PPMS provide a full Integrated Pest Management system (IPM) for a whole spectrum of locations which centres on the usage of the premises, from large commercial enterprises to domestic homes, to ensure the best method is used in the control of these pests.  Following a thorough survey PPMS will tailor a programme to assist in full control of the pests and will advise on all issues which contribute to the control of rodents on the site.